Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas 2021

What is passive income?

Passive income includes regular income from sources other than employers or contractors. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) states that passive income can come from two sources.

“Many people think they have no passive income ideas,” said Todd Tresidel, financial coach and former hedge fund manager. You need to finish the work in advance. “

In practice, you may need to complete some or all of the work first before making money, but passive income often involves additional work. To keep the flow of passive funds up to date, you may need to keep your products up-to-date or maintain well-maintained rental properties.

However, if you stick to this strategy, this can be an excellent way to generate passive income and, in the process, create some additional financial security for yourself.

passive income may be an excellent way to help generate additional cash flow. The economic turmoil primarily caused by the COVID-19 crisis proves the value of having multiple sources of income. The pandemic has confused many Americans. If you suddenly lose your job or voluntarily leave your working hours, passive income can help you fill the gap.

Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas even if you are doing your primary job. Alternatively, if a stable source of passive income can be established, it may be necessary to retreat a little. In any case, passive income provides you with additional protection.

In addition, if you are worried about saving enough income to reach your retirement goals, accumulating wealth through passive income is also a strategy that may attract you.

The concept of passive income:

  1. Sale of information products
  2. Rent income
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Invert retail products
  5. Peer-to-peer loan
  6. dividend
  7. Create an application
  8. Real estate investment trust
  9. Bond ladder
  10. Invest in high-yielding CDs or savings accounts
  11. Rent a little house
  12. Advertise in your car
  13. Create a blog or YouTube channel
  14. Rent convenient household items

14 Passive Income Concepts for Wealth

If you plan to create a passive source of income, review these 14 strategies and understand the steps required to successfully implement them and the risks associated with each idea. ..

1. Sale of information products

Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

A common strategy for passive revenue is to build information products such as ebooks, audio or video courses, and counterattacks while product sales generate cash inflows. Systems can be distributed and sold through websites such as Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera.

Alternatively, you can consider using the “freemium model.” Create followers with free content to collect more detailed information from your followers and anyone who wants to know more. For example, language teachers and stock selection suggestions can use this model. A free content may showcase your expertise and appeal to those who want to reach a higher level.

Opportunity: Information products can provide a great source of income because you can easily make money after the time you spend first.

Risk: “It takes a lot of effort to create a product,” says Tresidder. “And to make money from it, it must be great. There is no room for trash.”

Tresidder said you need to build a powerful platform for selling products and planning more products if you want to succeed.

“Unless you’re fortunate, the product isn’t a business,” Presider said. “The best way to sell an existing product is to make a higher quality product.”

He said that once a business model is mastered, it can generate a good source of income.

2. Rental income

Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

Investing in rental properties is an effective way to earn passive income. However, this usually requires more work than expected.

John H. Graves, an Authorized Investment Trust (AIF) in the Los Angeles region, said that if you don’t spend your time learning how to do a profitable business, you can lose your investment, and you can lose your investment. I did. 7% Solution: You can afford to live a comfortable retirement life. “”

Opportunity: To get passive income from a rental property, Graves said you need to make three decisions.

How much return on investment do you need?

Total cost and expense of the property. The financial risk of owning property.

For example, if your goal is to earn $ 10,000 in rental cash flow annually, your property’s monthly mortgage is $ 2,000, and your monthly taxes and other expenses are $ 300, you’ll need to collect $$ every month. There is. The target rent is 3,133.

Risk: Here are some questions to consider: Is there a market for your property? What if I have a tenant who wants to delay payments or damage the property? What if I can’t rent? Any of these factors can significantly reduce your passive income.

The pandemic also poses new challenges. Due to the economic downturn, some tenants may suddenly be unable to pay their rent, or they may borrow a mortgage. Otherwise, you may lose income and not be able to rent a house as before. Due to low mortgage rates, home prices have skyrocketed recently, and rent may not cover the cost. Therefore, you need to weigh these risks and develop an emergency response plan to protect yourself.

3. Affiliate marketing

Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

Through affiliate marketing, website owners, social media “influencers” or bloggers promote third-party products by including links to their products on their website or social media accounts. Amazon may be the most well-known membership partner, but eBay, Awin, and ShareA Sale are also great. Instagram and TikTok have become massive platforms for those who want to get attention and promote their products.

You can also consider adding a mailing list to get people’s attention to your blog or direct people to products and services they want.

Opportunity: When a visitor clicks on a link to purchase an item from a third-party affiliate, the website owner receives a commission. Fees can be between 3% and 7%, so you may need a lot of traffic to visit your website to generate significant revenue. However, if you have more followers and access to more profitable niche markets (software, financial services, fitness, etc.), you can make a lot of money.

In theory, affiliate marketing is considered passive because you can make money by adding a link to your website or social media account. In fact, if you can’t attract readers to your site to click a link and buy an item, you won’t make money.

Risk: If you’re just getting started, you’ll have to spend time creating content and increasing traffic. Building followers can take a lot of time, and you need to find the right formula to attract your viewers. The process itself can take some time. To make matters worse, spending all their energy tends to flee viewers from the next famous influencer, trend, or social media platform.

4. Turn over the retail product

Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

Use online sales platforms such as eBay and Amazon to sell the products you find elsewhere at discounted prices. You can arbitrage the difference between the purchase price and the selling price, and you can attract individuals who track the transaction.

Opportunity: You will be able to take advantage of the price difference between the price you can find and the price that ordinary consumers can find. This is especially useful if you have contacts that can help you access discounted items that no one else can see. Or you may be able to find valuable items that others are simply ignoring. Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

Risk: The strategy is passive because sales can occur online at any time, but you must make an absolute effort to find a reliable product source. In addition, you need a vital source of funding because you have to invest money in every product until it is sold. You really need to understand the market to avoid buying at too high a price. Otherwise, you may end up with a product that no one wants, or you may need to significantly reduce the cost before you can sell it.

5. Peer-to-peer loan

Peer-to-peer (P2P) loans are personal loans between you and the borrower and are facilitated through third-party intermediaries (Prosper and LendingClub). Other participants include funding circles that target businesses and set higher lending limits and payoffs that target better credit risk.

Opportunity: As a lender, you can earn income by paying interest on a loan. However, because the loan is unsecured, it faces the risk of default. In other words, nothing happens.

To mitigate this risk, you need to do two things:

Diversify your loan portfolio by investing small amounts in multiple loans. At Prosper.com and LendingClub, the minimum investment for each loan is $ 25.

Analyze historical data about potential borrowers and make informed choices.

Risk: It is not entirely passive as it takes time to master P2P loan indicators. Potential borrowers need to be carefully considered. Also, because you are investing in multiple loans, you need to pay close attention to the payments you receive. If you want to increase your income, you should reinvest it no matter what interest you earn.

The recession can also increase the likelihood that high-yielding personal loans will be default candidates. If COVID-19 continues to hurt the economy, the alarming debt rates of these loans will be higher than in the past. It can be expensive.

6. Dividend stock

Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

Shareholders of the company that holds the dividend receive regular payments from the company. Companies pay quarterly cash dividends from profits, and all you need to do is own the stock. Rewards are paid per share, so the more shares you own, the higher the dividend.

Opportunity: Owning stocks that generate dividends can be one of the most passive forms of making money. Income from stocks has nothing to do with activities other than initial financial investment. Money is simply deposited in your securities account.

Risk: The tricky part is choosing the right stock. Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

As usual, a company can take a dividend. Sakurai Husband’s warning theory, Tadashi’s new hand entry market, sequel to the company’s crotch vote. Graves theory: “The website of survey family, which is the same as the website of the survey, and the survey of the financial statements.”

Yahoo! Graves Trade Center Traded Fund or ETF. ETFs with stocks, commodities, Japanese bonds, etc. Productive investment funds, but trade with other statues. ETFs can be distributed, and the cause is this, the swordsman of the Nyoka family company, the non-meeting of the ETFs, or the swordsman.

Graves commentary: “ETFs, new ideal choices, causal and easy understanding, liquidity, convenience, and merits,”

Economic pressure, the feeling of being able to make a monetary fund. General investment selection, Bankrate-like economic critique, progress comparison.

7. Create an application

Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

Creating an application can be a way to make upfront investments in time and earn rewards over time. An app can be a game, or it can be a game that helps mobile users perform complex functions. After the app is published, users can download the app and earn money.

Opportunity: If you can design an application that gets your audience’s attention, there is plenty of room for development. You need to consider the best way to increase your sales using the app. For example, you can place in-app ads or have users pay a small fee to download the app.

If your app is popular or receives feedback, you may need to add incremental features to keep your app relevant and popular.

Risk: The most significant risk here may be the unrestricted use of time. If you invest little or no in your project (or the money you would have spent on your hardware), the financial disadvantage is minimized. However, this is a crowded market, and genuinely successful applications need to provide attractive value or experience to their users. You also need to make sure that the data collected by your application comply with various privacy laws around the world. The popularity of the app can also be short-lived. In other words, cash flow can run out much faster than expected.

8. Real estate investment trust

REITs are real estate investment trusts and are the names of companies that own and manage real estate. Real estate investment trusts have a unique legal structure, so if most of your income is passed on to shareholders, you will rarely have to pay corporate or corporate tax.

Opportunity: You can buy real estate investment trusts on the stock market just like any other company or dividend stock. All REITs pay dividends, and the best REITs have a track record of increasing dividends year after year, so tips may increase over time.

Like dividend stocks, a single REIT is riskier than having an ETF consisting of dozens of REIT stocks. The fund provides instant diversification. This is usually much safer than buying a single store, and you can still make a considerable profit.

Risk: As with dividend stocks, you need to be able to choose the right REIT. In short, you need to analyze every business you might buy, which is a time-consuming process. This is a passive activity, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose a lot of money. Like other stocks, prices can fluctuate significantly in the short term. Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

Dividends from real estate investment trusts are also unaffected by difficult economic conditions. If real estate investment trusts do not earn enough income, they may need to reduce dividends altogether. Therefore, your passive income may be struck when you want it most.

9. Bond ladder

Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

A bond ladder is a set of bonds that matures at different times within a few years. By shifting the conditions, you can reduce the risk of reinvestment. If the interest payments provided by the bond are too low, this is the risk of reinvesting the funds.

Opportunity: Bond ladders are a classic passive investment that has attracted retirees close to retirees for decades. You can sit down and collect interest. When a bond reaches maturity, you can “stretch the ladder” to combine the principal into a new set of bonds. For example, you can start with a one-year, three-year, five-year, and seven-year warranty.

The first bond has a maturity of one year, and the remaining bonds have two, four, and six years. You can use the proceeds of a bond that has recently matured to buy another one-year bond, or you can use a longer-term bond, such as an eight-year bond.

Risk: Bond ladders eliminate one of the main risks of buying a bond. When a bond matures, you need to buy a new bond if interest rates can be at a disadvantage.

Bonds also have other risks. Government bonds are federally backed, but corporate bonds are not, so if a company defaults, it can lose its principal. In addition, you need to own a lot of bonds to diversify your risk and eliminate the risk of a single bond that damages your entire investment portfolio. In addition, rising overall interest rates can reduce the value of bonds.

Because of these concerns, many investors are looking for fixed-income ETFs. Bond ETFs offer various fixed-income funds that can be set up as ladders, eliminating the risk of a single bond damaging your income.

10. Invest in a high-yielding CD or savings account

By investing in a high-yielding Certificate of Deposit (CD) or Savings Account with online banking, you can generate passive income and earn one of the highest interest rates in the country. You can make money without leaving home.

Opportunity: To get the most out of your CD, you need to quickly find the account with the highest CD interest rate or the highest savings accounts in the United States. Working with a local bank is usually more advantageous than online banking, as you can choose the best price available in the country. Even if your financial institution is supported by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), you are guaranteed up to $ 250,000 in principal repayment.

Risk: The principal is safe as long as the bank is supported by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and is within limits. Therefore, you can profit as safely as possible by investing in a CD or savings account. However, despite the security of these accounts, refunds are lower than before. The Fed has set an inflation target of 2%, so it is possible to lose inflation, at least in the short term. However, the income from a CD or savings account will be higher than the income from cash or interest-free checking account. In this case, the payment is almost zero.

11. Short-term rental housing

This simple strategy allows you to take advantages of space you’ve never used and turn it into an opportunity to make money. If you’re going out in the summer, need to go out for a while, or just want to travel, consider renting your current space when you’re out.

Opportunity: You can list your space on any number of websites (such as Airbnb) and set your own rental terms. Collect work checks with minimal extra work, especially if you are renting to a tenant who may stay for several months.

Risk: Keeping strangers at home is your most significant financial risk, but most passive investments don’t have this risk. For example, tenants may pollute or destroy your property or steal valuables.

12. Advertise in your car

You can make some extra money just by driving in the city. Contact the dedicated advertising agency to evaluate your driving habits, such as where you go and how many miles to drive. If you match one of their advertisers, the agency will wrap your car ad for free. The agent is looking for a new car, and the driver should have a clean driving record. Always try to choose some works to make your passive income strong.

Opportunity: If you have to get off and drive but have already paid for mileage, this is a great way to earn hundreds of pounds a month with little or no additional cost. Drivers can pay with the mileage.

Risk: If you find this idea interesting, be especially careful to find a legitimate business to work with. Many scammers scam this space, leaving you in the thousands.

13. Create a blog or YouTube channel

Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas
passive income ideas

Are you a travel expert in Thailand? Minecraft expert? A swaying sultan? Stimulate your enthusiasm for the topic and turn it into a blog or YouTube channel through advertising and sponsorship to generate revenue. Discover popular topics and even niche markets to become experts in this area. First, you need to create a set of content to attract viewers, but as it is known for its compelling content, it can generate a stable source of revenue over the long term.

Opportunity: You can use a free (or meager cost) platform and then increase your followers with your own great content. The more unique your voice and areas of interest are, the more likely you will be a “follower.” Then attract sponsors for you. Earn money with new 14 Passive income ideas

Risk: You need to create content from scratch and then continuous range. This can take some time. And you need to be genuinely passionate about the product. This helps keep you motivated, especially at first, as your followers are still looking for you.

The real downside is that if you have limited interest in a topic or niche market, you can spend a lot of time and resources with little to show. Your area of ​​expertise may be too niche to really attract a large audience, but you can’t be sure until you experiment.

14. Rent convenient daily necessities

This is a variation of renting an idle car. Start with other household items that people may need but can collect dust in the garage and make them even smaller. Lawnmower? Electric tool? Mechanic tools and toolbox? Is it a tent or a big cooler? Look for high-value items that people need in a short period, where it may not make sense for someone to own the item. Then provide your customers with a way to find and pay for inventory. You can make money as a passive income by renting convenient daily necessities.

Opportunity: You can start small and grow if you are interested in a particular area. Do you want to tent camp suddenly when the weather gets warm or cold? Once you know where the demand is, you can buy the product instead of buying it right away. In some cases, you may be able to restore the value of an item after using it several times.

Risk: There is always the possibility of damage or theft of your property, but you can mitigate this risk through a contract that allows you to exchange items at your own expense. Starting here, you don’t risk too much, especially if you already own the item and are unlikely to need it shortly. Pay particular attention to liability issues, especially when renting potentially dangerous equipment (such as power tools).

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