Best 20 features of iOS 14.5 try with your Apple Phone

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20 Best features of iOS 14.5 try with your Apple Phone
iOS 14.5

features of your Apple Phone Don’t miss these killer features

Apple Phone will support it again with another major iOS update to iOS 14.5 and iPad OS 14.5. The latest updates for iPhone and iPad provide a complete list of changes and improvements. There’s a new feature that allows you to easily unlock your iPhone with a mask and Face ID (you used this feature about a year ago, right?). Application manufacturers should also ask to allow tracking on the web and other applications, which are common privacy protection measures.

Since its release in September last year, the features built into Apple 14.5 have been combined with other important features included in iOS 14. For example, iOS 14.4 adds a new way for Apple Watch owners of Fitness Watch Plus to exercise. This update also includes a set of security fixes for aggressively exploited vulnerabilities.

Since 14.4, Apple Pro Raw photos have been added to the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max in another update.

When released in September, iOS 14 added the ability to create custom application icons and place new widgets as needed. We’ve also added a new scribble feature to the iPad update that allows you to write to any text field using Apple Pencil, and your tablet will always convert it to text without having to pull the keyboard. This is just the beginning.

Below are some of the best tips and tricks I’ve found on iOS 14 and iPad OS 14. This blog post will be updated to reflect new features and updates, so get even more great tips.

Best features of iOS 14.5 –  20 ways to try with your Apple Phone

1. Face ID can now be used in masks … but there are pitfalls

20 Best features of iOS 14.5 try with your Apple Phone

Wearing a mask during a pandemic can help keep you safe, but exposing your iPhone lock with Face ID can be frustrating. You need to put on the mask for 1 second or wait for the PIN code to be asked. Neither option is ideal.

Now, on iOS 14.5, the iPhone will detect that the paired Apple Watch covers the lower half of your face, which allows you to unlock it. If your watch is nearby, your iPhone will be unlocked. Often as fast as Face ID.

2. Siri has a new voice and you can choose

20 Best features of iOS 14.5 try with your Apple Phone

For the first time, Siri’s voice doesn’t become a female voice by default. In fact, Apple has added two new sounds, making subtle improvements to the previous sounds. When setting up a new device, English speakers can choose a total of four sounds.

If you want to change Siri’s audio, you can always go to the Settings app and make your changes. The full description is here. If you choose a new voice for Siri, be sure to come back and leave your favorite comments. I chose Voice3.

3. New privacy features may prevent the app from tracking you

One of the most controversial features in iOS 14.5 is that the app requires permission to track requests on Apple devices. If you reject the request, or if you want the application to make no request at all, the developer must follow your decision. If an app is tracked without permission, the app may be kicked out of the App Store. To see what’s new, go to Settings> Privacy> Tracking on your iPhone or iPad. Alternatively, you can view a complete walkthrough to get a better understanding of the features.

4. Check out the new home screen features

iPhone has a function similar to an application drawer called “Application Library” and can be used as a warehouse to store all applications that are not used frequently. You can access the application library by swiping all current home screens from right to left on the screen. Another innovation in the iPhone is the ability to place widgets on the home screen. Apple provides developers with tools to create new style widgets. This will definitely cause jealousy for your Android friends.

5. Create a custom smart stack widget

20 Best features of iOS 14.5 try with your Apple Phone

Speaking of widgets, you’re not locked out of using the SmartStack widgets of Apple’s choice. You can create your own widget stack using the same technique as creating an application folder. Seriously, deciding which widget to include takes longer than creating it.

6. Create your own application icon

Apple has also added new features to the “Shortcuts” application. The most popular of these is the ability to create your own application icons and completely customize the look of your phone. Therefore, instead of the Apple Mail application icon, you can download the icon or Gmail icon that has been replaced with a cute cat picture and use it to launch the application. This process is a bit tedious, but if you need a unique home screen, it’s worth the time.

7. You can use the application without installation with the help of application editing

Think of an application clip as a mini-application that shows only some of the operations that the entire application can perform. For example, a clip in the Yelp app can only show business hours and menus for a particular restaurant. Would you like to give it a try? Open the Apple Maps app on your iPhone, search for Panera Bread, click on the location, and select Order Food. Isn’t it cool? After using the app clip, you can access it again in the app library in the recently added folder.

8. iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max can take original pictures

Best 20 features of iOS 14.5 try with your Apple Phone

This is definitely a feature for photography enthusiasts, but we hope it can stimulate the curiosity of those who want to benefit more from the iPhone camera. With the iOS 14.3 release, Apple’s Pro Raw photo format has been added. This allows you to take photos in “raw” photo format and modify them without compromising image quality, much like converting photos to JPG (Apple Camera App standard).

9. Exercise at home with Fitness Plus

It’s time to exercise at home because the gym is closed or has limited capacity. Apple’s Fitness Plus service is built directly into your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and you can use your Apple Watch to track your movements. Guided video exercises are released weekly and offer options for different fitness levels. Let’s read the new service and see everything you need to set it up.

10. Walk time

Speaking of Fitness Plus, iOS 14.4 and WatchOS 7.3 have added a new exercise called “Walking Time”. Apple invites celebrities to do a virtual walk with you. The purpose of storytelling is to inspire and intertwine with personal musical choices. Before you can use it, you need to install the update on your watch and mobile phone.

11. Picture-in-picture is displayed on iPhone

Best 20 features of iOS 14.5 try with your Apple Phone

You no longer have to decide whether to watch the Twitch stream or Reddit on your iPhone. In iOS 14, Apple has added picture-in-picture mode to the iPhone, allowing you to perform two operations at the same time. The iPad has had this feature for two years, so it’s great that the iPhone also has this feature. When you start watching the video, quit the app and return to the home screen to trigger picture-in-picture. Some applications (such as YouTube) do not support this feature. You can go to Settings> General> Picture in Picture to see a list of all the apps supported by your phone.

12. App removal can be confusing

Adding the application library requires an additional step of removing the application from the phone. This is not a smooth voyage for long-term iPhone users. But this doesn’t have to be too confusing.

13. Discard Apple Mail and Safari

Best 20 features of iOS 14.5 try with your Apple Phone

Apple added the ability to remove its app from the iPhone a few years ago, but apps like Gmail and Outlook can’t be set as the default email app. That’s okay now, but Apple limits this new feature to email and web browsers only. With just a few taps to make changes, you no longer have to work with Apple apps.

14. AirPods Pro has new audio features

iPhones and iPads are not the only devices that receive major updates. Apple’s AirPods Pro has also undergone a minor firmware update with a new feature called “spatial audio.” To use this feature, you need an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14. With updates to these two devices, every time you watch a video, the sound changes as you move and rotate your head. David Carnoy of CNET described this as an “out-of-budget experience.” And he was right.

15. iPad is more like Mac than ever

iPadOS 14 includes several new features and enhancements, the interface of which closely resembles the look and behavior of a Mac. Or is the Mac starting to resemble the MacOS Big Sur iPad? In any case, you’ll learn all about the new iPad features of iPad OS 14.

16. Hidden features are the best

Best 20 features of iOS 14.5 try with your Apple Phone

It’s worth mentioning that iOS 14 has some hidden features that allow you to do really amazing things. For example, with the new post-click feature, you can tap the back of your phone a couple of times to trigger tasks such as taking screenshots or launching applications.

17. New privacy features

Keeping Information Confidential is one of Apple’s key marketing points, and iOS 14 is working harder to keep it confidential. There are some new location-sharing settings that limit whether your app can display the exact location or the more general area. There is also a new notification point that notifies you when the application uses the phone’s camera or microphone, giving you better control over the photos that the application can access.

18. New camera trick

The camera app has some subtle but important new features. For example, there is a new guide that reminds you to stay still when taking pictures at night. A crosshair appears indicating where the camera is stored. There’s also a new exposure adjustment dial so you can take multiple photos faster.

19. Play a selfie game

Another new feature of the camera app is the new front camera settings that guarantee a comfortable selfie. The new mirror mode makes the camera behave like a mirror, making it easy to decide which lens to put in the frame and align it the way you want.

20. Do you want more? We know

As a bonus event, add more tips to do more, such as tagging someone in a group conversation with the Messages app or having a conversation in two completely different languages ​​using Apple’s new translation app. I collected it. We’ll show you these two techniques and other features we like.

We’re just getting started, as we still have a lot to learn and understand about iOS 14 and iPad OS 14. Are you just starting out with your new iPhone 12? The setting method is as follows. Be sure to check these settings when you are done. Finally, don’t forget to transfer your Google Authenticator account to your new smartphone.

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