5 Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

You may have encountered the highlighted snippet when researching search engine optimization (SEO). If so, keep reading. It may be tough to keep up with all of the new jargon and keywords that appear in the realm of search engine optimization. Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

What have featured snippets, and why are they crucial for SEO? And how can you get your very own featured snippet? We’ll walk you through it all in this article.

What are Featured Snippets, and how do they work?

A featured snippet is a small sample from a website that appears in search results on Google. It is sometimes referred to as “position zero” or the “answer box” in certain circles.

Users benefit from featured snippets since they can rapidly find answers to their inquiries. Google’s automated process extracts material from a site that already exists inside its index to show a highlighted snippet. Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Featured snippets may appear in the following places:

  • Among the total search results are
  • Within the “People also ask” area, you’ll find a list of questions.
  • This information is included with the Knowledge Graph.

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What Is the Process for Using Featured Snippets?

Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

It’s necessary to have a broad understanding of what Google is trying to accomplish for searchers to comprehend how highlighted snippets function.

According to the company, increasing the number of individuals comfortable using the search engine is Google’s ultimate objective. An essential method of doing this is to make internet searches as painless and straightforward as possible for users. Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

This entails assisting searchers in locating the information they’re seeking with the fewest number of clicks possible. Featured snippets help by providing a clear and short response to a user’s inquiry.

Consequently, when consumers search for a particular term or write in a specific inquiry, they’ll receive a few phrases that seek to answer their question or satisfy their curiosity without having to visit the website in question. This is particularly beneficial for mobile users and those who utilize voice search.

It’s crucial to remember that not every inquiry will result in a highlighted snippet being shown. Google’s automated algorithms assess if a page would be an appropriately featured snipper for the search query in question, which is one of the reasons behind this. Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Google’s chance of developing a highlighted snippet for a site is affected by the number of words in the search query, which is another aspect to consider.

The likelihood of receiving a featured snippet increases with the number of words in the query (5 or more). Consequently, the greater the number of words in a question, the more probable it is that a highlighted snippet will be returned by a search engine result page (SERP).

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In what ways do Featured Snippets differ from other types of content?

There are four primary categories of featured snippets, which are as follows:

Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency


Text or paragraph snippets on this page provide a concise, practical description or information about a particular subject in a few words or phrases. Using paragraph highlighted snippets, Google pulls relevant material from a web page to respond to a searcher’s query and then offers a link to the original web page. Definition boxes are sometimes referred to as paragraph featured snippets. They are particularly well suited for simple inquiries that ask for the definition of a single word or concept.


A highlighted snippet containing two or more variables is beneficial to people searching for information. Table snippets are handy for queries that intend to compare two or more variables. For example, suppose a user searches for a specific automobile make and model pricing comparison. In that case, a table highlighted snippet may appear on the search engine results page (SERP). Furthermore, this information appears in a tabular format in a Google featured snippet does not imply that it will display in the same manner on the actual site. Using the data from the site in question, Google develops an automatically generated table for your convenience.

Lists Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

In the search results, featured snippets may also appear as a numbered or bulleted list. These snippets are helpful for people who are looking for instructions on how to finish a job or address a particular issue. If a user searches for a recipe, a list of highlighted snippets might also appear on the search engine results page (SERP). Additionally, suppose a website shows things, features, or the “best of” specific products. In that case, viewers may come across a list highlighted snippet.

Videos Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Video highlighted snippets, also known as YouTube snippets, appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs) if the search query demands a more visual response. Additionally, the video highlighted snippets are often shown when a user is searching for an answer, seeking a tutorial, or attempting to watch a particular piece of content.

The Advantages of Making Use of Featured Snippets

When it comes to search engine optimization, featured snippets provide several benefits for your website.

Your site may get an edge over your rivals’ search engine results pages (SERPs) by achieving higher organic ranks and receiving more click-throughs.Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Increase the amount of organic traffic.

Possessing a highlighted snippet might boost the likelihood of your website receiving more visitors. For this reason, many people refer to highlighted snippets as “position zero” since they appear above the first search result on Google.

As a result, highlighted snippets appear at the very top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), bringing samples of your webpage’s content front and center.

The result is that, as the owner of a featured snippet, your website will be more accessible to visitors who are looking for a term you’ve chosen for your business.

Furthermore, the top three Google search results get almost 75% of all clicks, according to data. Therefore, consumers are more likely to click on your highlighted snippet than to click on the results listed immediately underneath it. Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Furthermore, highlighted snippets are often more visually appealing and give a more immediate response to a search query. Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

And since people are constantly seeking a quick, straightforward solution that requires little work on their side, they are more inclined to click on a featured snippet that will direct them to a site that has genuine value. As a consequence, your website will see an increase in traffic.

Increase the number of conversions

Additionally, a critical advantage of highlighted snippets is that they provide the possibility to increase organic conversions for the simple reason that when a firm’s product or service answers a question or assists in the resolution of a problem, prospective consumers are more inclined to acquire that product or service from that company.

In the case of a local business like a plumbing firm, a prospect is more likely to contact that business for extra information after reading a blog article on DIY plumbing blunders.

Increase your company’s brand awareness.

Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Because featured snippets elevate your site to the top of the search engine results page (SERP), this increases your overall online exposure. Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

When visitors read your highlighted snippet and pay attention to the website that the featured snippet directs them to, they become more acquainted with your company and its products. In addition, even if they don’t click on the link, they are still aware of the presence of your business. When people need your product or service, your company’s name is likely to mind.

For example, a B2B IT business may write a blog post discussing the advantages of cloud computing. And ultimately, Google will include it as a highlighted snippet in its search results.

After completing a search on this issue, a prospective customer comes across the highlighted snippet, which presents a list of the advantages cloud management provides. It is unlikely that they will click on the article, but the firm’s name will be remembered. The prospect visits the firm’s website a few weeks later and schedules a free consultation with the company.

Practices for Increasing the Chances of Your Content Appearing in Google’s Featured Snippets

Now that you’re acquainted with featured snippets and understand the importance of these results in search engine optimization let’s talk about some strategies for obtaining a highlighted snippet.

Research keywords and phrases. Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Conducting keyword research can assist you in determining the sort of material you will need to produce to get a featured snippet. It will also help you in deciding whether websites already include featured snippets. This, in turn, will provide you with an indication of the kind of information that Google prioritizes in its searches.

Create website text that is clear and concise.

Content that is succinct and to the point is more likely to be included in a snippet on Google. Google aims to provide consumers material that is easy to comprehend and from which they can get the most significant amount of value.

Questions should be included throughout your text.

The usage of voice search to locate information on the internet is becoming more popular among consumers. Question-based voice searches account for a significant portion of all voice searches. As a result, try to include terms such as “why,” “do,” and “can” in your blog entries. Then, clearly and straightforwardly, respond directly to those questions.

Create an optimized landing page for the precisely highlighted snippet you want Google to display.

Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Optimize the content on your website so that Google can better grasp what you’re saying. The more Google understands your material, the more probable it will include a highlighted snippet in its search results. Creating a numbered or bulleted list in your content can help you get a featured snippet in the list category, for example. Advantages of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Optimize your website for a variety of long-tail keywords.

When searchers employ long-tail keywords, featured snippets are more likely to appear in their results. Rather than using the term “make cold brew” in your content, try using a more specific phrase such as “How do you create cold brew coffee at home?”

Wherever feasible, use organized data to your advantage.

Use structured data by stating whether your material is an event, a movie, a review, a recipe, or another kind of content. This may assist Google in better identifying the nature of your content, which increases your chances of receiving a featured snippet as a result of your efforts.

Featured snippets are just one element of the SEO jigsaw. There are many more. However, they may provide a variety of advantages, including improving your site’s ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing brand recognition, and increasing domain authority.

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