15 Steps to Earning Money Online With an Amazon Affiliate Site

An Amazon affiliate website is one of the simplest and quickest methods to get extra cash from online transactions. Although it is more the exception than the norm, some affiliates generate six-figure earnings. 15 Steps to Earning Money

“Realistically, if you’re a full-time online company, you’ll monetize in numerous various ways, while the ordinary individual may make a few hundred to maybe a few thousand dollars,” said Brian T. Edmondson, an internet revenue specialist, and coach headquartered in Levittown, PA.

Building your website is inexpensive, involves little work, and takes about a day to complete in most circumstances. On the other hand, creating an affiliate site is just the first step. The difficulty in obtaining the correct traffic will result in product sales after a buyer clicks through to Amazon. The most outstanding results come from picking the proper niche—don’t do what everyone else does. Concentrate on the following ways to improve your chances of success:

Learn the fundamentals of HTML

Learning Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to construct web pages and apps is less complicated than 10 to 15 years ago. Website systems such as WordPress, Wix, and Weebly provide easy layouts that need simply the click of a button to activate a website. However, you will still need to know how to insert pictures, make hyperlinks, and format text.

Make time to study HTML and fundamental website management ideas if you are unfamiliar. It will be well worth the investment in the long term.

Determine Your Niche

Anything offered on Amazon, such as electronics, books, music, cosmetics, and kitchen appliances, may be part of your inventory recommended for a sales commission. Low-ticket products, such as books, will, on the other hand, offer pennies on the dollar since fees vary from 1% to 10%. 1

“Those who are more successful as affiliates choose areas with a large number of consumers or are active in selling higher-ticket things on Amazon,” Edmondson added.

Choose product lines with high customer demand that you love or have some skill in, but make sure the niche is limited enough to be unique. These niches may include local bands, left-handed guitarists, music for line dancing or salsa, books authored by writers of a particular faith, or arts and crafts materials such as beading, knitting, or ceramics.

Set Up Your Web Hosting

15 Steps to Earning Money

Amazon affiliates may get Site hosting for almost nothing. Wix, for example, provides a free basic blogging service, but Web.com begins at $5.95 per month (as of April 2021). A list of economical web hosting providers is available from 23 resources such as Online Business Guide. Some need a minimal monthly charge with limitless domain names, allowing you to operate many sites in different niches on the same hosting plan.

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Select Your Domain Name

Using your name, you build a following as an author, expert, or speaker. The domain is typical, particularly among YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram influencers. Another option is to give the website a name that matches the specialization, such as MyBestSkincareProducts, MyFavoriteAccessories, or SupplementsForWeightlifters.

Make the name keyword-rich, not witty. Consider what search terms the ordinary person could use to reach your website on search engines. Check your Site’s name against other sites currently on the market.

Register Your Domain Name

Registering domain names is not expensive for one or two sites, but it may mount up to 10 to 20 specialist sites. Choose a less expensive service, such as SiteGround or GoDaddy, to save money. There’s also 1&1, commonly known as IONOS, where costs begin at the low end of the spectrum—$1 for the first year, with gradual rises for future years, depending on the plan. 4

Register the domain name with your hosting provider if you are not technically savvy. GoDaddy provides deals such as 12 months of basic managed WordPress for $1 per month, after which the price rises to the usual list price.

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Set up WordPress

15 Steps to Earning Money

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies to attract visitors and sales. WordPress, which includes a free version, is simple to set up and speedy publishing. It is famous for posting information such as blogs and articles.

Many web servers offer a one-step WordPress installation approach. These include GoDaddy, Wix, and Weebly.

Product reviews laced with keywords are another route for content marketing. After installing WordPress, it’s as easy as creating a post and connecting to Amazon to be paid—after a product is bought, of course.

Make it seem nice

Although content is king, design is queen. It is becoming more crucial among users who want to trust a good website. One advantage of WordPress is its design flexibility.

WordPress plug-ins allow you to personalize the Site as much as you like. Because of the popularity of WordPress, it is simple to obtain expertise if you need to outsource work.

WordPress provides a selection of layouts, giving you far more flexibility and control over the look of your Site. “Add an email marketing tool so you can record the names of individuals who visit your website and follow up with them for further chances to offer them other things they may be interested in purchasing,” Edmondson said.

Set up Categories

Adding a category or subcategory to your post might help people locate your website in a search engine. Most blog software, including WordPress, Wix, and Weebly, will allow you to assign an article to a category or subcategory, which will assist in organizing your postings.

Categories also allow visitors to focus more narrowly on their interests. For example, BandsFromTexas.com may include one genre, such as rock, country, or blues, and another for the place of origin, such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, or Lubbock.

Become an Amazon Associate (Affiliate)

It’s easy to use and completely free. Go to Amazon Associates and click “Sign Up” on the link at the bottom of the page. Even if you don’t have any content yet, your Site should have at least the basics in place. Amazon carefully evaluates the Site before it is approved.

If you don’t already have one, Amazon will offer one to place at the bottom of your website. For the sake of complete openness, it is to inform people that you are an Amazon associate and that you may be reimbursed in certain situations.

Create Bookmarks and Links for Your Blog Postings

A “bookmarklet” should appear at the bottom of your blog software’s posting page. Drag the URL to your browser’s Links toolbar or Favorites menu. This enables you to update a product blog with a single mouse click.

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Make Your Amazon Build-A-Link Bookmark and Link

This step enables you to create a link that contains your affiliate ID. Log in to Associates Central, then go in the left navigation sidebar for Build-A-Link, then under Static Links, click on Individual Items and drag to your Links toolbar or Favorites menu.

Create Your First Link

Once signed in to your Associates’ account, search for the things you wish to review. Then, utilize the Site Stripe, the gray Stripe at the top of the page, to acquire a customized link to the item. Amazon also provides a plethora of different choices for producing links and banners.

Post Your Review on Your Blog

Click the link to your blog article. WordPress will display two bits of link code. Delete through the first one that ends with “/a >.” The second portion links the product that includes your Amazon Associate ID. Write the product review, choose the proper categories, and click Publish.

Create Your Amazon Affiliate Website

15 Steps to Earning Money

Create enough significant material to keep visitors’ attention before advertising a site. Write many product reviews in at least two to three categories. You could also wish to create articles, news, and comments about your area of expertise or specialty. The more written material, the better since search engines are immediately alerted if notifications are enabled.

Publicize Your Amazon Affiliate Site

The most excellent free advertising strategy is to contact other bloggers writing on similar themes and engage in online forums where your subject matter is discussed.

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