12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the United States

lake is an area filled with water, localized in a basin, surrounded by land, apart from any river or other outlet that serves to feed or drain the lake. These are the 12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the United States

12. Lake Powell, Utah, and Arizona

Humans rarely accidentally create such extraordinary natural beauty. When Glen Canyon was dammed, the Colorado River rose to become the second-largest reservoir in the United States.

The artificial lake evoked strong protests, but the warm blue water flowed down this long lake. Bright red sandstone cliffs fill more than 90 side canyons. However, nature left her mark on the shores of such a canyon, the sandstone Rainbow Bridge, considered the longest natural arch in the world.

11. Lake George, New York

The so-called “Queen of the Lake District” was a playground for the Gilded Age thieves. Many of the original seaside stone mansions are still located on a 10-mile strip called Millionaire Street. Sagamore Resort dates back to the 1880s and continues to welcome guests today.

In Xanarows, the southern Adirondack Mountains narrow the spring lake to a range of five miles. They are dotted with hundreds of islands of various sizes.

10. Lake Santeetlah, North Carolina

12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the United States

The 76-mile-long forest coastline of Lake Santitra, deep in the Nantahala National Forest surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains, is almost entirely unprotected by development.

The result is a quiet oasis suitable for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, or relaxing on the beach at Cheor Point. This 3,000-acre artificial lake was formed when the Cheor River was dammed in 1928 but remains very pristine. Beware of otters, beavers, vultures, eagles.

09. Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming

Clear, deep, and cold, Yellowstone Lake is under the protection of Xiongya Mountain and Absaroka Mountain and is one of the most geologically active areas in the world.

Over 2 million tourists gather in national parks each summer, but winter is probably the best time to see the lake. The bubbling Geyser on the West Sam coast is like a colorful cauldron in the snow, eerily steaming from an icy landscape. Lake Yellowstone usually freezes for half a year.

08. Lake Superior, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin

The name speaks for itself. Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world (calculated by surface area). Unforgettable beauty in every corner of the 2,700-mile magnificent coastline.

Natural attractions include 200-foot-high sandstone cliffs, beaches, waterfalls, apostle island sea caves, and the ruggedness of isolated islands with wolf and mousse on the edge of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. You can hike, dive, kayak or ferry to your destination. The lake is so big that it feels like the ocean-listen to the brave surfers on the North Shore.

07. Flathead Lake, Montana

Flat Head is the largest natural freshwater lake to the west of the Mississippi River, with Mission Mountain to the east and Salish Mountain to the west. The Flat Head Valley has a clear lake.

The lake is located in the north and inland, with a hot climate, surrounded by orchards and vineyards in the west. There is also a Flathead Lake Monster. According to some reports, there may be close relatives living in Loch Ness. However, you are more likely to see wild horses roaming around in state parks.

06. Hanging Lake, Colorado

12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the United States

At the edge of the Glenwood Canyon cliffs and waterfalls, you’ll arrive at this aquamarine, where you can complete one of Colorado’s most popular hikes (permit required).

The 1.2-mile steep rocky road eventually turned into a promenade, protecting the travertine layer formed by the lake’s fragile ecosystem and deposits. You can’t swim in the water of a hanging lake, but if you bypass the trail a bit, you can go to Spout Rock, where the water flows through hard rocks to form waterfalls and cool the sweaty hikers below.

05. Crater Lake, Oregon

The story of the birth of Crater Lake is engraved with a circular diameter of almost 6 miles. It was formed nearly 8000 years ago when the Mazama volcano erupted to the summit, leaving a smoldering crater and finally filled with rain and thaw. At 1,943 feet high, the deepest lakes in the United States are still evident as they are blocked from inflowing streams and rivers.

Visibility averages 90 to 100 feet and sunlight penetrates up to nearly 400 feet, making it ideal for scuba diving. Two islands emerge on the azure surface of the lake to achieve a more dramatic effect. Wizard Island in the jungle and a much smaller, almost uninhabited phantom ship.

04. Lake Tahoe, California

Surrounded by the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains and bathed in Impressionist blue, Lake Tahoe is North America’s largest alpine lake and the second deepest lake in the United States (1,645 feet). Visibility in some places is over 70 feet, the water is clear, and you can vow to swim in the Caribbean in the absence of cold water all year round. In winter, the nearby ski trails offer exciting lake views.

03. Caddo Lake, Texas, and Louisiana

Among the few towns on Lake Kado, the sense of place cannot be summarized more than the uncertainty of Texas. The mystery seems to envelop 27,000 acres of land. In the world’s largest cypress forest, Spanish moss hangs on branches like a curtain. It’s not a lake, as it’s a connected maze of bays, swamps, and backwaters.

The crocodile was mainly lurking under the roots of a submerged tree. The frog reportedly climbed a water lily and saw Bigfoot here. The only way to enjoy the rustic beauty of the gate is by boat or canoe, but in any case, don’t forget the map.

02. Mono Lake, California

12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the United States

Dusty deserts, dry hills, and craters form a mind-boggling landscape on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The desire for water in Los Angeles has almost destroyed Mono Lake. When the water level plummeted, it revealed a travertine tower that looked strange. These limestone columns form in the water when calcium-rich underground springs react with carbonate-rich lake water.

Despite 20 years of strict supervision to restore the “California Dead Sea” water level, they still exist today. But death is a misnomer. Every spring, trillions of tiny brine shrimp and alkaline flies hatch in North America’s most crucial fish-free, high-salinity seawater (three times the salinity of the ocean). Breed millions of birds.

01. Echo Lake, New Hampshire

On the southeastern corner of the White Mountain National Forest, Lake Echo is in the shadow of the White Horse Reef. Their reflections cover about 16 acres of water. White leaves and nearby 500-foot cathedral shelves are popular rock climbing destinations—both reward hikers for spectacular views of Lake Echo below and the mountains beyond. Autumn is especially nice when bright reds, yellows, and oranges burst from these slopes. Take a closer look along with one of the 1,000 hiking trails.

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