12 Best Drone Apps for Android to enhance your flying ability

12 Best Drone Apps for Android to enhance your flying ability

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    Are you excited to fly your new drone? You can, of course, but first, you need to make sure you have all the tools you need to fly safely. These include the drone application that controls the drone and the latest software for other means to improve the flight experience.

    Today, you can install even more apps to get the most out of your flight experience. These are some of the Best Drone Apps.

    List of Best Drone apps

    1. Google Earth
    2. Airmap
    3. B4UFly
    4. Hover
    5. DroneDeploy
    6. UAV Forecast
    7. Kittyhawk
    8. Sun Surveyor
    9. Verifly
    10. Litchi for DJI drones
    11. PhotoPills
    12. Tesla Field Recorder


    A brief explanation of Best Drone Apps

    Google Earth drone app

    12 Best Drone Apps for Android to enhance your flying ability

    As you know, the first thing a drone (after registration) needs to do is find a place to fly it. Today’s list has some drone-specific map apps that are great for showing where you can fly safely.

    There is only one safe flight location, but before you reach that location, why not visit Google Earth to find the right flight location? Google Earth is free to use on mobile devices and can also be used on the web.



    • Price: Free

    Airmap is one of these tools, and its capabilities go beyond just mapping potential flight locations and logging flight logs. With the support of companies such as Microsoft and Qualcomm, Airmap quickly became the de facto tool for commercial drone flight, not to mention drone companies like Unek.

    Don’t scare drone cartography, geofence, and flight log commercial tools. It is enough to use real-time traffic information in the mobile app. Check out the basic needs of Airmap or a retail pilot business.


    B4UFly drone app

    • Price: Free

    Let’s make this very simple. FAA is an entity that enforces drone law in the United States, an app that tells you when and where you can fly. You can quit, but I think you need to know that B4UFly is sometimes a bit intimidating and can’t fly at specific flight locations.

    In other words, the app provides one of the most detailed airport lists, showing a radius of 5 miles for each list. After all, if in doubt, the B4UFly app is a way to get legal information about US drone flights.

    If your drone weighs more than 0.55 pounds, you will need to register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and affix your registration number to your aircraft. The whole process is simple, but it costs $ 5, and you must be at least 13 years old.

    This registration will help you understand the FAA’s drone flight rules. We strongly recommend that you be familiar with the drone flight rules. Drone rush is also helpful.

    If you are flying for salary or other forms of compensation, you must obtain a commercial drone license according to another set of rules. We call it Part 107. It’s hard to get, but it takes time to master all the rules. Check out the drone pilot training materials to help you learn the rules and get a commercial license.



    12 Best Drone Apps for Android to enhance your flying ability

    • Price: Free

    Hover is an underrated app that provides map and location awareness information supplied by Airmap but adds weather information. Hovering will tell you if you can fly safely. Hover may not be the only drone app you need, given visibility, wind direction, location, and other factors, but if you’re only claiming to use a drone app, such an app is a good choice. Grab your mobile device and hover now.


    DroneDeploy drone app

    • Price: Free

    The following is an application that I hesitated to add from the beginning. I wanted to make a list of the best drone applications, not just one supplier. DJI is a significant participant, and this application is so excellent that I can’t resist. If you own almost any DJI drone with Phantom 3 or later, check out Drone Deploy as an alternative controller for your drone.

    This app can provide drones with advanced flight planning and autonomous control. Select a coordinate path, monitor the droning drive along the route, and let the app control the camera so you can perform exposure anytime, anywhere. Check out Drone Deploy now.


    UAV Forecast

    • Price: Free

    UAV Forecast is almost entirely weather-focused and is committed to providing detailed wind and weather information to help you determine if your flight is safe. You can tell the app the drone parameters to quickly tell if today is the day of your flight.

    It provides a set of pilot information, including wind speed and direction, chill and temperature, cloud cover, visibility, and more. UAV Forecast also offers invisible flight area mapping capabilities that are second to none. Check your weather needs.



    • Price: Free

    Learn about apps for checking the weather, maps with a no-fly zone list, maps with valid air traffic information, and apps that keep flight logs to help you track your drone. Now it only includes applications that can complete all operations. As above. Kittyhawk: Drone Operations is a powerful application and platform that provides everything from pre-flight inspection to post-flight analysis. Kittyhawk is an ambitious application and platform that helps you make a difference and get the most out of your time in the air at all times.


    Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)

    • Price: $ 7.99

    If you’ve ever been out … I’ll stop there. Outdoor photography is almost entirely a matter of sun management. This is more realistic than a drone photo because it has no shadows. Why don’t you know exactly where the sun and moon are, rather than guessing where the sun and moon are? Sun Surveyor can do this very accurately. The ideal position of the sun or moon is very close to the application. The Sun Surveyor (Sun and Moon) is priced at $ 7.99 on the Android platform.


    Verifly drone app

    12 Best Drone Apps for Android to enhance your flying ability

    • Price: Free

    insurance. Love and hate, insurance are an essential part of modern life. Unlike car and home insurance, where you have to pay a monthly premium, Verifly’s approach is different. In other words, on-demand insurance. The idea is simple: flights, especially commercial flights, are too few or scattered, so full-time insurance is not guaranteed. With Verifly, you can record the start and end times and pay for what you use. The starting price is about $ 10 / hour. Click the download button below to see more information about the actual report. Global Aerospace, Inc undertakes this policy.


    Litchi for DJI drones (special consideration)

    • Price: $ 24.99

    Everyone knows that you need to use the official DJI GO, DJI GO 4, and DJI Fly apps to fly your favorite DJI drone, right? Incorrect! Several other apps control the DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Spark, DJI Phantom series drones, and more. This is the best app I’ve ever created with Litchi.

    The complete application name is long, but it can explain most of its features. Litchi from DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark is a powerful application that retains the same feel as a DJI application but with different parts. If you’re looking for some new ways in addition to the best DJI apps, Litchi is worth considering.

    Waypoint flights and built-in VR / FPV capabilities are crucial elements that have attracted me to Litchi. These rich features are within reach, and the app costs $ 24.99, which may be beyond the reach of many.



    If you can only use one photography application, it’s PhotoPills. This little application has too many features that we can’t cover here. However, many of them are helpful for drone photography.

    Planner and Sun tablets are very convenient, and you can check the movement, direction, and angle of the sun at any time.

    You can plan sunrise and sunset photos. This will also help you understand how much light you have.

    Planner pills now include a drone view that allows you to plan drug composition based on flight altitude.

    I don’t think this application is valid anymore, and it can.


    Tesla Field Recorder drone app

    Tesla Field Recorder

    This is best drone application runs other applications I’ve never seen before. Test the magnetic field. You may be wondering why this is useful.

    The drone compass uses a magnetic field. Problems can occur if there is a magnetic activity in or near your location.

    I asked about this before, especially when I was flying a well-named “Magnetic Island” off the coast of Australia. And this application is beneficial.

    You cannot only detect the magnetic field, but you can also record it and share it with others you find helpful.

    That’s it for today. We hope to find one or two new apps to improve your flight and benefit more from the aerial photographs captured later. As for the drone market, this is an early list with plenty of room for growth and maturity. Therefore, if you would like to discuss other applications that may belong to this, please contact us in the comments.

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